HR Manager(Guinea)

HR Manager

Coordinates: Guinea, West Africa
Education: Bachelor degree or above
Experience: 5 years or more
Language: French or English
Age: Not too problematic
Salary: / Negotiable

description of job:

responsibility range:
1. According to the Group’ s development strategy, implement the human resources management norms, regulations and management procedures for recruitment, compensation, performance, welfare, employee relations, corporate culture, etc. of the Guinea branch, and report to the group headquarters in a timely manner.
2. Improve human resources management mechanisms and rational planning.
3. Responsible for the labor contract management of employees in the Guinea branch and handling various matters related to labor relations.
4, local management recruitment, interview arrangements.
5. Assist in improving other related work of the branch.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in business administration or human resource management;
2. 4-5 years of experience in integrated management of human resources in large enterprises;
3, fluent in English or French, can be used as a working language;
4. Can be stationed in Guinea, Africa;
5, have a strong willingness to learn, adapt to different environments.

Working location: Guinea
Accommodation and accommodation: authentic Chinese food + Chinese staff quarters.