Mining Development

Winning International Group is committed to providing a reliable supply of ore to the aluminum industry in China. It aspires to be a leader in the development of bauxite resources and provision of maritime logistics. Over the years, it has become the main supplier and carrier for Chinese firms importing bauxite.

In 2013, Winning as the sole supplier of bauxite from Indonesia to China, shipped in more than 50 million tonnes of bauxite. This is more than 90% of Indonesias total bauxite exports.

In 2014 & 2015, after Indonesia banned the export of bauxite, Winning turned to Malaysia and in 2015, shipped over 20 million tons of bauxite from peninsula Malaysia to China.

In July 2015, Winnings mining project in Boke, Guinea (SMB Winning Consortium) exported its first shipment of Guinea bauxite. In 2017, more than 32 million tons of bauxite were shipped to China. In 2018, shipment is expected to increase to 40 million tons.

On Nov 26, 2018, the SMB-Winning Consortium, represented by the Mining Company of Boké, has signed with the Government of the Republic of Guinea three conventions for the implementation of an integrated project for the Bok region. Almost a month after signing the conventions with the government, dated November 26, 2018, the project of the Consortium SMB-Winning was ratified unanimously on Monday, December 24 2018 by the deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic of Guinea.This project includes (i) the construction of a 135-kilometer railway line in a corridor from the Boffa area to the Boké area, (ii) production and industrial exploitation. bauxite resources in the new mining areas of Santou II and Houda; and (iii) the construction and operation of an alumina refinery in the Boké Special Economic Zone.

The mines at SMB-Winning Consortium project are developed according to world-class standards, within the framework of ITIE (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative). SMB has also hired French consulting company Louis Berger to undertake a detailed evaluation of social and environmental impact on the area, as well as compile a comprehensive ESMP (Environmental & Social Impacts Management Plan), which will be strictly followed.

SMB-Winning Consortium has also quickly implemented a land rehabilitation programme, including the planting of cashew, mango and orange trees as well as other cash crops, to restore the ecosystem and promote agricultural development. The establishment of animal and plant observatories and protected areas within the mining district also underline the commitment by the Consortium to maintain biodiversity. SMB-Winning Consortium has also repaired and built roads, hospitals, schools, training centers, wells, football fields, etc. for the surrounding communities. Besides developing the mining industry, Consortium has also contributed to the social and economic development of the country.