Ship Owning

Understanding the trends and opportunities of the industry, Winning International Group developed its own fleet of vessels by purchasing both new and second-hand vessels. Currently, our fleet of 39 vessels comprises 38 Capesize bulk carriers and 1 Post-Panamax, which are able to carry a total DWT of over 7.2 million, the leading one in Singapore and in the sector around the world. We are also continually expanding and upgrading our fleets. We aspire to become an environmentally friendly, safe, socially-responsible, efficient and competitive fleet.

As a leading seaborne carrier of bauxite cargo, our annual freight volume exceeds 50 million metric tons. The cargo we carry include bauxite, iron ore, coal and bulk cargo. Our port coverage is extensive. Our shipping routes extend to many ports around the world. Our major passages include the import of bauxite from West Africa; iron ore and bauxite from Brazil and Australia; and bauxite and coal from Southeast Asia.

The Group has expanded both at home and abroad. We have grown from our humble beginnings as a shipping business to what we are today – a multi-capability conglomerate undertaking a comprehensive range of businesses from developing mines to seaborne logistics and maritime trade. We have developed excellent relationships with ship owners and cargo owners from around the world. We have built an integrated rapid-response network in the non-ferrous metals industry. We have earned the respect of the industry and established a reputable brand.