Winning International Group is a diversified conglomerate with businesses in areas including Ship Owning, Shipping Operation, Maritime Transshipment, Ship Management, Mining Development, and Railway Construction.

The Group is headquartered in Singapore. Through its branch offices and subsidiaries in places such as Beijing and Qingdao, China, Guinea, and Indonesia, Winning provides safe, reliable, cost-efficient land logistics, maritime logistics, and ocean transportation services of bauxite,  alumina, nickel, iron ore and general cargo for clientele around the globe. Currently, Winning is the world’s largest bauxite shipping company.

Winning controls and operates over 100 vessels, with our self-owned fleet consisting of 43 Capesize bulk carriers with a total capacity of more than 8 million DWT. Our fleet’s total capacity currently ranks among the top in the world. Winning’s transshipment fleet controls nine large-scale floating cranes, a pair of floating commodity terminals, nearly a hundred barges, ocean tug boats, harbor assistant tug boats, bunker tankers, and floating docks to form our maritime transshipment barge system, with 50 million tons of  transshipment capacity per year.

In 2014, Winning International Group joined hands with China’s Weiqiao Group, China’s Yantai Port Group of Shandong Port Group, and France’s UMS to form “SMB-Winning Consortium” and began bauxite development in Guinea. Currently the output has reached 50 million tons. In just several years, the Consortium became the largest bauxite producer in Guinea with an accumulated production and export of hundreds of millions tons, supplying nearly 50% of China’s bauxite imports. With our efforts, Guinea is now the largest exporter of bauxite in the world and is also China’s largest supplier of bauxite.

To realize the economic, environmental protection and sustainability of the bauxite project, SMB-Winning Consortium invested USD 700 million to independently manage the construction of the 125km-long Dapilon-Santou Railway, which has been inaugurated on June 16, 2021. With an annual transportation capacity of 45 million tons, this railway is acting as a support for Santou mining zone’s transportation system and also serving other large bauxite enterprises along its route.

In November 2019, Winning Consortium Simandou, led by Singapore’s Winning International Group, was awarded the mining concession to develop blocks I & II of the Simandou iron-ore deposit. The Simandou iron-ore mine is the largest source of untapped open-pit iron ore of the highest iron content in the world.

SMB-Winning Consortium has invested nearly USD 3 billion in infrastructure in Guinea, creating over 10,000 direct jobs, more than 20,000 indirect jobs and benefited more than 100,000 families. According to estimates from the World Bank, our project contributes to more than 6-7% of Guinea’s GDP. At the same time, we are guided by the cultural concept of “Respect, Communication, Cooperation, Development” in Guinea, and to do our utmost to give back to the local society and people. Through the construction of our vegetable planting demonstration base, highways, bridges, wells and our donation of hospitals, schools, and mosques, we have improved the living conditions of the residents, provided free skills training and increased local employment opportunities.

Currently, Winning International Group has set three strategic goals, i.e. to forge “a first-class shipping company”, “a top-notch mining consortium”, and “a leading railway enterprise”.