Message From President

First and formost, gratitude is in due order for all those that have emphatically supported the Winning International Group over the years. Since inception in 2002, the Winning Group has always been dedicated to becoming a world-class shipping company that generates value for our shareholders, provides logistics solutions for clientele, contributes tax revenue to the nation, creates employment opportunities for staffs and fulfils corporate and social responsibilities.

After nearly two decades of development, the Winning International Group has emerged as a diversified multinational conglomerate with business interests in areas including Ship Owning, Shipping Operation, Transhipment, Ship Management, Resources Development and Railway Development , and primarily engaged in the land logistics, transhipment and marine transportation of bauxite, alumina, nickel ore and iron ore. Guided by the operating principles of integrity and sincere service, we uphold the operating concepts of expansion, innovation, cooperation and mutual benefits, and we provide high quality logistics and shipping services to worldwide clientele through our network of branches around the globe.

In the increasingly complicated political, economic and trade landscape of today, the global shipping industry has to face a multitude of challenges and uncertainties. How to sail through the turbulent sea of commerce to reach the shore of success is the crux behind the survival and downfall of each and every shipping company. In 2014, the Winning International Group chose to enter Guinea at the height of the ebola outbreak by incorporating and leading SMB-Winning Consortium, started from square one in developing a bauxite mine project, constructing port and establishing shipping and logistics channels, and adopted numerous innovative measures such as the use of floating cranes and Capesize vessels for transporting bauxite, which considerably cut down logistics and shipping costs.

A Winning International Group’ s large bulk carrier delivered the first shipload of some 180,000 tons of Guinean bauxite to the Port of Yantai, China, in November 2015, signifying the successful development of a major bauxite transportation channel that stretches for 11,400 nautical miles between Guinea and China. As of May 2018, a cumulative total of over tens of millions tons of Guinean bauxite have been transported to Chinese ports through this logistics conduit, making Guinea the biggest bauxite supplier of China.

Statistics show that this project contributed more than USD200 million in direct tax revenue to the national treasury of Guinea, made contribution of 6% to 7% in the growth of the Guinean GDP, directly created more than 10,000 jobs and an additional 20,000 ancillary employment opportunities.

In the end of 2018, three agreements regarding mining, railway and alumina refinery signed by the SMB-Winning Consortium with the Government of the Republic of Guinea, led by Winning International Group was passed in the National Assembly of the country unanimously, which laid a solid foundation for our developments in the future.

From the first day of the founding of the Winning International Group, we aspired to provide the best logistics solution in order to make our life more beautiful and convenient. The successes that Guinea has scored in Guinea and other areas around the globe have emboldened our resolve that though we might not be able to change the entire world, but at least we can engender positive changes in some countries.

We look forward to more friends and associates to join us in our win-win mining development and logistics and shipping alliance!

Sun Xiushun
The Honorary Consul of Guinea in Singapore
The President of Winning Internatioanl Group
The Chief Commander of SMB-Winning Consortium