Diboubate Moussa

Full Name

- Diboubate Moussa


- Guinea

Current Job

– HR executive

My name is Moussa from Guinea of West Africa working in the admin department. I feel good in the job as it keeps me busy all day. Although it is a foreign Company but I have Guinean colleague around and the Chinese colleagues have great adaptability.

In Winning Guinee, time passes fast and problems are solved that suit me perfectly. The most important is that I improve my Chinese language communication level and understood Singaporean administrative organization. I have improved my working skill, since I began with this job, under the influence of my kind colleagues in Winning.

First, I felt that the communication is very important which creates a good work environment and it unites everybody as a team. Secondly, being efficient is also necessary in order to get a good result in the shortest period and that is always my priority. My job requires me to handle a huge capacity within the organization, so I try to take care of all the factors in business to assure that there is no potential problem.

Anyway I have much to improve in my job and I do my best. In the future, I will be here and continue to grow with Winning!