SMB Winning Consortium provides road section maintenance Contribute to the environment and society

SMB Winning Consortium builds a road section of the Kaboye SMB camp to connect the Bokai City and Katanguma Port. This maintenance project won the praise of the users. This road has been completely renewed with the support of the Consortium. SMB Winning Consortium fulfills its promises to the local people and contributes to the environment and society.

At the construction site, WAP engineer Zhang Quanjing is responsible for managing the extension project, paving the way with the process and ensuring that the construction is completed during the contract period. According to him, the road extension project uses slate and concrete to pave the way. Also, he also said that the project was invested by the consortium, with a total project cost of about $8 million. The project also boosted local employment.

The importance of this road is self-evident, as it is not only a community road but also an international road connecting countries of Guinea and other countries, such as Guinea-Bissau.

In the past, this road has never benefited from the country or invested in such a large-scale project in several companies. Recently, SMB Winning Consortium promoted the construction of the Coréra Bridge project, which crossed the road.

The efforts of the SMB Winning Consortium have made the local government of Bokai feel gratified, while SMB has set a good example for other companies. The project started in June this year and is expected to be completed by the end of June 2018.

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