SMB held the reclamation ceremony in Kaboye, to protect the ecological environment


At around 10:00 a.m on Tuesday, June 27, 2017, by bearing the responsibility of protecting the ecological environment of the mine lot, SMB launched the reclamation ceremony along the line of 15km in 148 diggings. The ceremony holder invited the local government personnel and social strength to jointly witness SMB Winning Consortium’s fulfillment of the promise of protecting local environment.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Oumou Camara, spokeswoman of Kaboye and member of the non-governmental organization Walikéma, was responsible for carrying out the reclamation project and proposing the motive of cooperating with SMB. She promised: “Guinea maintains the good cooperational relationship and opportunity with China. We received the entrustment of SMB reclamation project and we are fully confident to finish the project and protect our environment.”

The first stage is the reclamation of the mining road from Katagouma to SMB central area. The second stage is the reclamation of the old minning area that is wholly funded by SMB. This was announced by N’famara Kpurouma, the person who is responsible for the community relations of SMB. In addition, he said that this project complied with the environment law and mineral law of Guinea. Barmaster Wang of SMB also mentioned that he was satisfied with its mobilization of a large number of local females participating in the environmental protection and other activities that are helpful for the coastal community of the project.

Ousmane Diallo, the government representative of Boke, was moved by SMB’s original intention of inviting residents to better participate in the corporate cooperation and promote the social peace and harmony.

The plant chosen for the reclamation area is acacia mangium. It can grow up rapidly and absorb both noise and dust, so as to protect the environment and reduce the noise harm caused to villages along the road in the mine lot. In the final part of the ceremony, it ended up with planting multiple seedlings of opopanax, symbolizing peace, green and hope.

The person in charge of the community relations of SMB believes that these reclamation measures will be expanded to the original mining lot and will be totally funded by the project. It also proves the determination and will of SMB Winning Consortium to protect the local environment and abide by the local law.