Shanghai Maritime University 2017 Study Tour to Winning Singapore Headquarters

On July 12, 2017, a team of 17 students from Shanghai Maritime University, led by teacher Liu Haifeng, visited Winning Singapore’s headquarters. This is the fifth time the University has led a team to Winning Singapore. Over the past few years, a number of students who had visited Winnings had been so inspired that upon graduation, they had joined the Winning family.

President Sun welcomed the students warmly. He said: The annual visit of students from Shanghai Maritime University has become an annual festival, they bring so much youthful energy to our company.

On behalf of the Group, Vice-President Sun Zhijun welcomed the teacher and students. He shared about the work the Winning Group was doing, as well as its plans in Africa. He encouraged the students to study hard and become useful adults. He also extended an invitation to them to join Winning after graduation.

President Sun also mingled with the students, sharing with them his personal experiences and the growth of Winning. Looking back, he described the journey that had been wrought with challenges: Winning survived the financial crisis and despite the Ebola virus, had strode fearlessly into Africa; to become the world’s largest exporter of bauxite, bringing a tax receipt of US$11 million every year to Guinea. Such is the spirit of diligence, courage and innovation that characterises Winning.

A student asked how a successful maritime veteran like President Sun continued to upgrade himself. President Sun replied: One should continue to learn, whether at sea or on land. There are ample opportunities to learn at work. One should at different stages of life set learning goals which are compatible with his current job requirements, for example, to participate in training or cross-country exchanges. They key is to continue to enrich oneself in all aspects and build skills towards the future.  He also hoped the students will be innovative in their thinking, be flexible to adapt to changes, and always be on the lookout to seize the opportunities!

At the end of the session, President Sun happily accepted the “Seafarers’ Knot” presented to him by the students and took photos with them, bringing to an end another successful visit by the Shanghai Maritime University.