Set up “Peace Development Award” and “Harmonious Development Award”, repay the employees and communities

Set up “Peaceful Development Award” and “Harmonious Development Award”, repay the employees and communities

In recent years, the Chinese market has the increasing demands for bauxite import. As is known to us, Guinea is the country with the most abundant reserves of bauxite. Through the mode of “three countries and four parties”, the shareholders cooperated and entered Guinea in 2014, thus creating the “Guinean miracle”- SMB Winning Consortium project.

In terms of the bauxite export, from 1 million tons in 2015 to 10 million tons in 2016 and 32 million tons in 2017, SMB Winning Consortium has realized the rapid development of marking the history.

The excellent achievements are benefited from the active participation of all the employees of Guinea and the support of surrounding communities, who jointly lead to the peaceful and harmonious development.

In April 2017, in order to respond to the peaceful development idea of Guinean president and fulfill his commitment to the mining development in Guinea, SMB Winning Consortium specially set up and carried out “the Peaceful Development Award of General Director of SMB Winning Consortium”, so as to realize the joint benefits of the SMB Winning Consortium project and employees. This award is independent of the employee remuneration system. The general director allocates and transfers the funds from the project. It gives the quarterly and annual award to all the local employees who abide by laws, obey the management, and create the peaceful and stable operation environment for the project safety production.

Since its implementation, SMB Winning Consortium has given the award for three quarters and the year to more than 1,000 employees, with the total sum of 3 954 500 000 Guinean dollars (around more than 440,000 dollars). The successful grant of the quarterly awards and the stable production in 2017 brought extra benefits to all the local employees and provided the extra capital support for the improvement of family conditions of the employees. On January 10, 2018, SMB Winning Consortium held the grand award-giving ceremony in SMB. On the day, the local employee representatives of the units such as SMB, WAP, WASE (ship factory), 041#section got together. General Director Sun of  SMB Winning Consortium gave the award of the fourth quarter and the annual award of 2017 to the units, with the total sum of 2 973 100 000 Guinean dollars (around more than 330,000 dollars).

Besides benefiting the local employees, in order to set up the management mechanism that connects employees’ behaviors with benefits, the support of the surrounding communities of the project is also an non-negligible element of realizing excellent development.

Similar to the “Peaceful Development Award”, SMB Winning Consortium promoted the “Harmonious Development Award” and realized peaceful co-existence with communities. The community supports the project and the project provides help and support for the community, thus realizing win-win and mutual development. In 2017, SMB Winning Consortium issued the awards of 3 452 000 000 Guinean dollars (around 384,000 US dollars) to the surrounding 130 villages, so as to show its thanks to the communities who support the project development and create the harmonious environment.

In 2018, SMB Winning Consortium will deepen the idea of peace, stick to the management policy of “respect, communication, solidarity and cooperation”, continue to promote and publicize the peace award, show respect to employees’ opinions, and encourage them to effectively exchange ideas through reasonable approaches. The foreign employees of all parties and the local employees work together so as to realize the prospect of win-win and mutual development.