One team, we are winning family

One team, we are winning family

Integrated Seamen Management and Office for Qingdao-Jakarta-Guinea

On April 20th, 2018, Mr. Sun Xiushun, President of Winning International Group, arrived at the Jakarta office to meet with the Winning international Group’s management personnel from Singapore and Qingdao.

President Sun Xiushun pointed out at the meeting that we should specify the idea of “integrated seamen management for Qingdao-Jakarta-Guinea” to break regional barrier and establish the common purpose of “supporting Winning”. Also, he directed Qingdao and Indonesian Management Companies to formulate a mechanism for communicating management work, to hold video conferences and organize activities that can promote team spirit on a regular basis, in order to build “the same office” concept.

Employee-caring President Sun Xiushun repeatedly inquired into seamen’s health and their life on board, placing emphasis on the human-centric idea that “life safety is the top priority” and ordering to detail the measures to track seamen’s health condition after they return to Indonesia, to firmly implement the care culture. Later, president Sun communicated face to face with employees at Jakarta and seamen who are receiving training at the training room of Indonesian Management Company.

The president said:” The Group positions Jakarta as a major reserve for human resources and decides to build it into a first-class seamen company which attracts, recruits and trains more excellent seamen, and create a health and safety environment for working and living. For this reason, Indonesian office and Qingdao office are encouraged to promote idea exchanges and mutual learning. Wherever we come from, we are in one team with the same culture and for the same purpose!”

Despite shortness, his speech was interrupted by warming applauses again and again. The idea of integrated management for Qingdao- Jakarta-Guinea has therefore been rooted into each employee’s heart. As indicated by the president, all Winning staff are in one family with the common aim and cohesion, and also care one another. Wherever we come from and whoever we are, we can exclaim proudly: one team, we are winning family!