Insurance Socialization for Crew by Rezky Irawan


By: Rezky Irawan 30 March 2018

Winning Logistic Ship Management Services is working with Lippo Insurance to hold a special event of insurance socialization for crew family. The event was held on March 28th & 29th 2018 at Winning Jakarta office. The event aimed to serve as a platform for the crew family (spouse and children) to be introduced to the insurance facilities provided by the company and to discuss in details with the PIC from Lippo Insurance.

Before the socialization, most of the crew barely knew about the insurance benefits and the claim procedure. Here in this event, Lippo Insurance gave detailed information to them and opened a Q&A sessions.

In addition to the educations, this event also aimed to introduce Lippo Insurance to hospitals in remote areas where the crew are located in hopes that Lippo Insurance can be partnered with those hospitals for easier access.

In this event, Lippo Insurance was represented by Mr. Yuli who was enthusiastically welcomed by the crew family. The socialization was held in 2 sessions, with 18 participants on March 28th and 5 participants on the second day.

We received positive feedback from the crew’s spouses who felt that this event was a good opportunity for them to get to know Winning. We do hope we can organize this event again in other cities in Indonesia to fulfill our crew’s needs.