Winning International Group Celebrates Guinea Independence Day

Winning International Group Celebrates Guinea Independence Day

The celebration activity of Guinea Independence Day prepared for around three months was finally ended in a satisfactory way with the help of Winning International Group. The celebration activity of this Independence Day was opened on October 2 and ended on October 3, which was completely sponsored by Winning International Group.

Since it formally entered Guinea in 2015, Winning International Group has consecutively invested 600 million US dollars to autonomously create the pioneering logistics supply chain from Asia to West Africa. It also set up the highly reputed SMB Winning Consortium of three parties and four countries along with China Weiqiao Pioneering Group, China Yantai Port Group and Guinea UMS Logistics Company. In Guinea, employees of SMB Winning Consortium worked hard and made great efforts for the mining development of Guinea. Within two years, the undeveloped country in the West Africa became the leading country of bauxite export in the world.

Different from many entrepreneurs who obtained resources in Guinea, Mr. Sun Xiushun thought more about how to be deeply rooted in Guinea and make more people and more countries know about Guinea and come to and develop Guinea. Bearing the sense of mission in mind, President Sun Xiushun brought Singapore the first commercial cooperation forum connecting Guinea and Singapore.


ChapterOne Creating Business Opportunities, Sharing Prosperity Guinea-Singapore Business Forum

This was the first time for Guinea to hold the grand celebration activity in Singapore with the name of the Independence Day, so the local government officials attached great importance to it. Therefore, in this celebration activity, we successfully invited

  1. Mr Ibrahima Kassory Fofana, National Affairs Minister in charge of investment and corporate partnerships in the Republic of Guinea
  2. Mr Paulo Gomes, Special President Consultant in the Republic of Guinea
  3. Mr Abdoulaye Magassouba, Minister of National Mining Industry in Guinea
  4. Mr Gabriel CURTIS, Director of Investment and Promotion Bureau in Guinea
  5. Mr Mohamed Lahlou, Regional Director of PwC in Guinea

In this forum, Mr Ibrahima Kassory Fofana, National Affairs Minister in charge of investment and corporate partnerships in the Republic of Guinea, made the opening speech. In the opening speech, Mr. Kassory announced happily that Winning International Group (Singapore) would cooperate with Guinea to jointly create a project of industrial park of 2 billion dollars, develop a town of 20 square kilometres so as to attract the international and domestic investors to set up the manufacturing and service industry in Guinea.

——>Mr Ibrahima Kassory Fofana, National Affairs Minister in charge of investment and corporate partnerships in the Republic of Guinea made the opening speech

Mr. Kassory introduced enthusiastically, “Guinea Special Economic Zone aims to become the model town in West Africa, carry out the policy with the most international competitiveness and make the area the manufacturing and service centre. This special economic zone was jointly developed by the international and Guinean investors, which keeps in line with the prospect of Guinean President Alpha Condé of changing the national appearance. It will provide the important synergism benefits to Kamsar-Boke-Conakry Economic Corridor. “

——>Mr Abdoulaye Magassouba, Minister of National Mining Industry in Guinea shared the development course of national mining industry of Guinea


——>Mr Gabriel CURTIS, Director of Investment and Promotion Bureau of Guinea, shared the commercial development policies of Guinea

This forum illustrates the national advantages of Guinea to the investors from Singapore in terms of politics, economy and business. In terms of Guinean development plan in the future 20 years, the government will attract investment in the light industry fields, such as fabrics, plastics, rubber products, paper products, food and drinks, electronic appliances. In addition, Guinea is also promoting the development of BPO and data centre service industry.

——> President Sun Xiushun made the opening speech for the forum

Chapter Two Intergovernmental Connection Jointly Promoting the Communication of the Business Circles in Singapore and Guinea

After ending the publicity activity on the second day, in the early morning of October 3, Mr. Sun Xiushun, President of Winning Group, accompanied Minister Kassory to visit Mr. Xu Baokun, Minister of Trade and Industry of Singapore.

Minister Xu firstly represented the Singapore government to welcome Minister Kassory and expressed the sincere regards of the Singapore government to Minister Kassory.

Minister Xu showed profound concern to the development of Guinea and said, “The development history of Singapore is somewhat similar to that of Guinea, such as the national infrastructure construction, the government official training and development of tourism industry. In the development process, Singapore also learned much salutary experience from developed countries. At present, if Guinea wants to have long-term development in political and economic field, it can also make the development strategy by combining its national conditions and learning from the development characteristics of other countries. In particular, Singapore Corporation Enterprise (SCE) once helped some African countries, such as Ghana and Rwanda, so it has abundant experience in terms of intergovernmental cooperation”. Minister Xu Baokun said to Mr. Kassory that Winning International Group chose to cooperate with SCE and developed the scholarship plan of government officials of Guinea, which was very salutary to Guinea (for more details, refer to the postscript).

——>President Sun Xiushun took the group photo with government officials of Guinea and Minister of Trade and Industry in Singapore.

In addition, when Minister Xu Baokun learned that Guinea wanted to set up Social Economic Zone (SEZ), he asked Mr. Kassory about related conditions of SEZ. Mr. Kassory expressed that the special economic zone would be set up in Boke, mainly in order to absorb experience from the development of China. The key point is to support the local light industry and handicraft, etc. Finally, Minister Xu Baokun expressed that, at present, if Singapore citizens entered Guinea, they had to handle the visa in the closest Chinese or Japanese embassy, but Guinean citizens needed no visa when entering Singapore (with the duration of no more than 30 days). The inconvenience of the inbound procedures will greatly impair the enthusiasm of Singapore citizens, specially the entrepreneurs from small and mid-sized enterprises to know about Guinea. He hoped that the Guinean government may know about this and adopt the visa interview policy for Singapore citizens to enter Guinea.


PostscriptSingapore Winning International Group makes contributions to the development of Guinea

Besides the direct investment in Guinea, Winning International Group also cooperates and invest with Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) and Surbana Jurong, one of the leading infrastructure consultation companies in Singapore. It jointly sets up the overall plan of Conakry, the capital of Guinea, with the two government consultation companies. At present, the overall plan has been done and been submitted to Guinean government.

Besides the support for the local infrastructure construction, Mr. Sun Xiushun, President of Winning International Group also set up “Sun Xiushun Scholarship” in his personal name. The scholarship will cooperate with SCE and make contributions to the development of Guinea as the pilot plan of corporate social responsibility. The plan aims to select the excellent Guinean government officials, provide them with the opportunity of training in Nanyang Technological University, provide related technical knowledge for these excellent talents of Guinea, strengthen project development and management skills.

The plan will start from the beginning of 2018 and predict to be carried out in Singapore and Guinea per year in the future several years. Finally, these people will become the pioneering team that leads the economic reform of Guinea after the plan is carried out.