Dragon Boat teambuilding event-Highlight Winning Spirit

Dragon Boat teambuilding event Highlight Winning Spirit


On June 24th, 2018 at Sentosa, Winning International Group (Singapore) held a dragon boating contest, an activity that resembles enterprise development since team work plays a critical role in both.

In this contest, Winning employees were highly motivated, creating a water land filled with encouragement and cheers. Shouting their catchwords, members in each team sailed out like rocket and paddled with the strong will for the number one, presenting a wonderful scene.

Through this contest, Winning employees can experience the competition spirit implied in dragon boating, understand how importance the centripetal force and cohesion force are, and embed the spirit alongside Winning’s “care, responsibility, share and development” culture deeply into their hearts. It is hoped that Winning people can embrace the same passion and efforts as in this dragon boating to continue sailing forward to a better tomorrow with the Group.