Create Miracles, Succeed in Africa

Create Miracles, Succeed in Africa:

President of Winning International Group Attended Entrepreneurs Forum and Round-table Conference

From March 28th to April 9th, 2018, upon the invitation from Singapore Xiyao Entrepreneurs Forum, National University of Singapore and Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, President Sun Xiushun shared Winning’s overseas investment strategies with the present entrepreneurs by delivering two speeches, Create Miracles and Winning Succeeds in Africa at the Forum, and answered the questions raised by and interacted with these entrepreneurs.

In his speeches, President Sun briefed the development history, business scale, corporate culture and other basic aspects about Winning International Group, and vividly described how Winning decided strategically to explore African base in 2013 when Indonesian government began to restrict bauxite export and how it solved so many challenges, explored cross-culture management and performed social responsibility during the process to execute the strategy, i.e., founding and guiding SMB Winning Consortium, a joint venture sponsored by four parties from three countries. His relaxing and humorous words showed the prospective insight, unique courage and adventurous spirit of Winning’s leaders. With a lot of vivid examples, he unveiled the stories known by few behind the success of this project and analyzed the management wisdoms contained in them.


Key Word 1: Exchange Actions for Resources

The first meeting between Mr. Sun Xiushun and President of Guinea occurred when Ebola virus broke out. Before starting any project discussion, out of his sense of responsibility and humanitarianism, Sun Xiushun donated two medical stations to Guinean government for fighting against the virus.

Without any resource guarantee from the local government, Winning Group had already transported logistics equipment such as floating cranes, tug boats and barges to Guinea.

These timely assistances that showed Winning’s resolve and sincerity enabled them to get the government’s recognition and resource guarantee for the project.

Key Word 2: Exchange Time for Space

In the Consortium framework where four parties from three countries are involved, cross-culture management became a prominent problem. In Sun’s opinion, inclusion along with mutual respect is the foundation for the success of any multiple-culture project. Four parties learned to forgive one another with the maximum patience during the process to obtain broader space for cooperation.

Key Word 3: Sincerity Creates Harmony

Systems and disciplines alone cannot maintain good management and leadership, and that also needs the awareness of sincerity.

The Consortium project hires over 10,000 Guinean employees directly and over 20,000 indirectly. To ensure that the project could go smoothly by well managing such large number of foreign employees, President Sun Xiushun uniquely created “Peaceful Development Award” and “Harmonious Development Prize” and actively makes contribution to public benefits, including renovating roads and planning to donate solar energy generation equipment for each household in the surrounding villages. Such earnestness toward each employee and each member in the community has secured the project’s stability and obtained respect from local residents.

On top of that, as Honorary Consul of Guinea in Singapore, Sun Xiushun actively promotes Singapore-based enterprises to understand, access to and invest into Guinea. According to him, any business must be bold to try new things continually to develop itself in the long run. As a result, he encourages Singapore companies that are engaged in urban planning and finance to find new growth opportunities by utilizing their world-leading advantages, which will further develop both the companies and Guinea’s economy, and also obtain a win-win result.

After the speeches, Mr. Sun communicated with the entrepreneurs and answered their questions, and the atmosphere at the Forum is enthusiastic. Entrepreneurs from all walks of life highly praised Winning leaders’ boldness and the miracles that Winning has made in Guinea, and after the Forum, they actively contacted Mr. Sun to express their willingness of visiting and learning at Singapore office of the Winning.