Winning International Group donates “iron anchor” sculpture to Jiangsu Maritime Institute

On 12 April 2014 Jiangsu Maritime Institute held a grand opening ceremony to unveil the main sculpture at the Maritime Square. President of Winning International Group, Mr. Sun Xiushun, himself an 84th batch alumnus, now turned donor, delivered a heartfelt speech.

First, he extended his warmest congratulations to his alma mater on the successful completion of the Maritime Square. He said that returning to his former school and meeting up with his classmates again, he could not help but recall the times spent there and expressed his gratitude to the teachers who had taught him. He remarked that in the past 30 years, so many like him, who had entered the institute full of dreams of carving out a career in the maritime industry, had succeeded and have become important players in the industry.

President Sun also noted his alma mater had made extraordinary achievements. He said he would keep in mind his alma mater’s exhortation and pledged to contribute towards its development.

The anchor is from the first vessel Winning Group owned, SUNNY VOYAGE. Weighing 16 tonnes, she had been key to the success of the company. With the donation of her anchor to the school, President Sun hoped it carried with it an encouragement to its students – to be passionate about their work in the maritime industry, to work hard, and become brave and happy seafarers!

Then, President Sun – together with Zhang Tongbin, Director, Jiangsu Maritime Affairs Bureau; Ma Changshi, Secretary of the School;
and Dean Liu Hongming – jointly unveiled the sculpture of the iron anchor to thunderous applause.