Mr. Sun Xiushun was Granted Grade d’officier de l’ordre national du mérite de la République de Guinée






















(Boke-Guinea) 21, October 2018–At the inauguration ceremony of the “Route de l’entente”(Road of Consensus), witnessed by Professor Alpha Condé, The President of the Republic of Guinea and thousands of Guinean people, Mr Sun Xiushun, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Guinea to Republic of Singapore, President of Winning International Group, Commandant Général of SMB-Winning Consortium celebrated a very meaningful 54th birthday, at which he was granted an rare honor title in Guinea, i.e. Grade dofficier de lordre national du mérite de la République de Guinée by a decree of the President of the Republic.

 “I am deeply moved and happy to receive this great honor which coincides with my 54th birthday, this honor is the most unforgettable and the most precious gift in my life!” said Mr Sun humbly. In accordance with the official documentation of Guinea, the honorary title of “Grade dofficier de lordre national du mérite de la République de Guinée” is only granted to those who had made top contributions to Guinea and her people on the national level. Mr Sun is also the first Singapore citizen who was ever granted such rare honorary title.

Regarding to the “Route de l’entente”(Road of Consensus), Mr Sun expressed his hope of developing the economy of Boké and Guinea, “this road is a great symbol and bond of win-win cooperation between Guinea, Singapore and China.”

“The SMB-Winning Consortium, the Winning International Group and myself highly regard the development of Guinea and our company as a whole vision. We will always be dedicated to improving the living conditions of the local community! “

In his speech, highly praising the great contributions made by SMB-Winning Consortium and Mr Sun Xiushun to Guinea and her people, Professor Alpha Condé, the President of the Republic of Guinea also encouraged the people to develop the agribusiness of Guinea with the support of the Consortium, “In addition to building schools, health centers, roads, mining companies also need to support communities in agriculture, as the Winning consortium is doing now for women,” said the Head of State. Recently the first-class vegetable farm built up by the Consortium has just harvested its first few batches of cucumbers cultivated by local women under the train of China agriculturists.

Later in the inauguration ceremony, Professor Alpha Condé, accompanied by Mr. Sun Xiushun,  Mr. Fadi Wazni, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SMB-Winning Consortium, and Mr. Frédéric Bouzigues, General Manager of the Boké Mining Company, inaugurated the Road of Consensus, which connects Boké, the prefecture, with the port of Katougouma, as well as a new operational center in Kamsar.

Costed an investment of more than $ 7 millions, this 16.5-kilometer, fully paved road now is a true lifeline for the region by serving many villages around the urban district of Boké.

“The idea for this Road of Consensus dates back to our establishment in the region in 2014,” said Sun Xiushun, President of Winning International Group. “Today, I am very proud and happy to inaugurate it, especially as it will benefit both the activities of the Consortium and the inhabitants of the region. It symbolizes the harmonious development we are contributing with the SMB-Winning consortium: more than a symbol of win-win cooperation, this road represents a link between Guinea, Singapore and China – and even the whole world. “

Later in the day, the Head of State also inaugurated in Kamsar the operational center of the SMB Winning Consortium, newly built on the banks of the Rio Nuñez. A veritable control tower for maritime traffic, this operational center will enable the SMB-Winning Consortium to become a leader in maritime operations in Guinea. It will notably serve to coordinate the activities of barges, tugboats and consortium vessels stationed offshore for the export of bauxite to China. Also equipped with a wharf and rapid intervention fleet, the operational center will allow the Consortium to intervene both on the Rio Nuñez and on the high seas. Equipped with a training center, it will train Guinean teams, who will be preparing to assume more and more operational and technical responsibilities within the Consortium.

The numerous infrastructure investments made by the SMB-Winning consortium since the beginning of the project in 2015 have contributed significantly to the development of the Boké region. The recent registration of the Port of Boké with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) illustrates the Consortium’s ambition to transform this river area into a regional hub.

Mr. Fadi Wazni, Chairman of the SMB-Winning Consortium, said: “With the inauguration of the Operational Center and the Road to the Agreement, we are further marking our commitment to the development of the whole region. For us, it is also an important moment for the realization of the first steps of a structuring project for the region, including the construction in the next years of a refinery of alumina and a railway of 135 km to a few kilometers from Boke. The project also illustrates our vision to think post-mining with the establishment of high value-added agricultural sectors. “

About the SMB-Winning consortium

Founded in 2014, the SMB-Winning Consortium brings together four global partners in the sector of bauxite mining, production and transportation: Singapore’s Winning International Group, a leading global shipowner; UMS, a transport and logistics company present in Guinea for more than 20 years; Shandong Weiqiao, a leading Chinese aluminum company with 160,000 employees and annual sales of US $ 45 billion and Yantai Port, an ideal gateway to northern China. The State of Guinea, partner and member of the consortium, is a shareholder of 10%. Since its inception, SMB-Winning has invested more than US $ 1 billion in extractive activities in the Boké region. The consortium, which directly employs more than 5,500 people, also manages two river terminals.

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