Winning International Group is a leading seaborne carrier of bauxite cargo with an annual volume that reaches 40 million metric tons. We provide reliable, timely shipping services to producers, traders and importers of raw material while emphasizing flexibility and affordability.

We have developed a responsive, integrated network across the non-ferrous metals industry, while supporting raw material marine transportation.

Winning Logistic is a one-stop logistic solutions provider that focuses on anchorage ship loading/unloading and project logistic solutions. We currently operate two floating coal terminals (FCTs) at Kalimantan, Indonesia. In addition to providing logistic support for our Kalimantan alumina refinery project, the company aims to expand its services to Africa, South America and other parts of the world where anchorage loading/unloading services are required.

Winning Resources manages bauxite mining and sourcing from Africa and South America, with the aim of providing better alternative sources of bauxite.