Qingdao Winning International Ships Management Company Limited houses a skilled and professional management team. Among our experts are marine and technical superintendents who have graduated from well-known maritime institutions and have many years experience as captains and chief engineers. They possess extensive knowledge in navigation, engineering and ship management.

The marine department’s marine, ISM and safety superintendents are responsible for:

  • the routing plan control and navigation guidance;
  • information concerning weather, sea conditions, navigation channels and ports;
  • typhoon and heavy weather resistance guidance and monitoring;
  • cargo stowage, storage, loading and discharging;
  • the efficiency of hazardous cargo operations;
  • onboard safety inspections; and
  • crew training, interviews and developing annual joint exercise plans, among others.

At the technical department, technical superintendents and purchasing supervisors oversee daily technical management including equipment maintenance; repairs; spare parts and material procurement; assessment, process control and decisions on ship trading and new building; communication with maritime organisations and classification societies; crew interviews and training; technical support for the shipping department and others.

The crew department began operations in 2012 and received the Qualification Certificate for Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service issued by the National Maritime Bureau. The responsibilities of the crew department includes crew recruitment, training, management and placement. Leveraging human-based management, they strive towards building an excellent team.

As a ship management company under Winning International Group, Qingdao Winning International Ships Management Company Limited places paramount importance on its customers and safety. It exercises strict controls and ensures the safe navigation of its fleet.