Customised Solution

Logistic Introduction

Our newest offshore transshipment platforms, the Floating Coal Terminals (FCTs) are now in operation. With an efficient loading rate of 4,000 tons per hour and 2m swell-operational stability, the new design allows the FCTs to operate under adverse sea conditions. Its other functions include self-trimming, customized blending of cargo and sampling options, as well as a flow tube for wet goods.

The FCTs form a critical part of our work on Indonesia’s first traditional floating loading system, effectively resolving our customers’ logistical bottlenecks in bauxite transportation. This has expanded our capability to reliably deliver bauxite in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

In the pipeline is an improved second-generation FCT which will boast new capabilities such as better maneuverability, storage and fast-scale blending.

Meanwhile, we have finalized the design of a new FCT fitted with a loading crane to further improve our future loading efficiency.

Moving forward, we will expand our transshipment solutions (barge jetty-feeders-transhipers) in five areas:

  • Geographical: From Indonesia to other parts of the world that are rich in resources but lack customized solutions. Three tailor-made bauxite cranes had been built for sending to area like Malaysia and Africa.
  • Material: From coal to other major bulk commodities including alumina iron ore, bauxite, nickel ore and grain.
  • Value-added services: These include storage and blending, which will help ensure the smooth flow of the supply chain and minimize delays.
  • Transshipment alternatives: Tailor-made to project-specific operations and the regulation environment, such alternatives cover self-unloaders, pusher barges, offshore floating terminals, bulker converted transshipers, and others.
  • Logistics chain vertical integration: PRC stockpiling, processing and distribution centers.