Maiden Voyage

Winning Shipping was established in 2002 by Mr. Sun Xiushun in Hong Kong to support China’s alumina industry with shipping services for the import of bauxite from Indonesia. A year later, after garnering a strong reputation for professional marine services, Winning Shipping chartered a fleet of vessels and pioneered a new form of bulk transportation.


Chartered Vessels

Backed by professional marine service and a good reputation, Winning chartered several vessels in 2003, thus pioneering a brand new type of bulk transportation.


Singapore Alliance

Founded in 2006, Winning Alliance (s) Pte Ltd is headquartered in Singapore and manages all of Winning Shipping’s trades. Its geographical proximity to Indonesia gives Winning Alliance easy access to Indonesian mining companies, while helping Chinese enterprises establish strong relations with Indonesian corporations and, thereby, enlarging their businesses.



In 2007, Winning Shipping became a shipowner with the purchase of its first capsize ship via a joint venture.


Qingdao Connection

The growing fleet of ships and the partnership prompted the inception of Qingdao Huajian Shipping Co., ltd. In Qingdao, China in 2009, later renamed as Qingdao Winning International Ship Management Co. Ltd.


Winning Singapore

Winning International Group Pte ltd was established in Singapore in 2010 to integrate Shipping, Ship owning, Ship management, Logistics and Resource Sourcing businesses under Winning. Winning Group has become an international specialized transportation group.


Record High

Winning shipping has emerged as a leading carrier, handling diverse cargo including bauxite, iron ore, nickel ore, coal and alumina. Since it began operations in 2002, the company has been managing 95% of seaborne bauxite from Indonesia to China.


Coal Territory

Winning International Group is a leading global freight service corporation that operates more than 70 ships including 15 self-owned vessels with a gross weight of over 2.2 million tons. We house a professional, international team and have achieved shipping volumes of 37 million tons annually since 2011.

In 2012, Winning International Group enlarged its business footprint with a new venture into the coal mining industry. The group initiated the construction of two floating coal terminals (FCTs) to provide coal handling and blending services to Indonesia’s coal mines and shippers to solve the bottleneck for coal trading. At the same time, the move paved the way for the Group to create business avenues in the sector.


Route Expansion

From 2013 Winning Group marched towards Africa, expanding transportation routes, in order to continue to serve our customers with the highest quality, reliable, low-cost logistics services.


Africa Expansion

The president of Winning International Group Mr. Sun travelled to Africa to visit the president of Guinea for discussion on the project progression and development.



The first bauxite shipment loading was completed on 25th September 2015.open a new era of bauxite resources supply between Africa and China.